West Parker: In the land of Vana’diel


In the land of Vana’diel

Continuing my tribute from last week’s Playing Final Fantasy XI, I thought this one best represented most of my time in the game, where I am Barker, and a friend is trying to guide me though some very tough areas.

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West Parker: Playing Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI

Playing Final Fantasy XI

We had news this week that Final Fantasy XI will be getting three more updates rolling out and then in November this year will go into maintenance mode. From someone who played that game for several years, I’m happy it had such a good run, and it’s a little surreal that the time has come, and no more updates will be coming to the game. They also said that they will be dropping PS2 and XBOX 360 support, and just supporting the PC edition, along with a mobile version of the game. Crazy times.

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