In the world of logistics, it’s a common misconception that because a solution provider is well-known, they must be great at what they do. It is true that many of the large, well-recognized companies have the buying power to provide highly competitive rates. That, coupled with the instant trust that comes along with brand recognition, can be enough to win a shipper’s confidence and business with relatively low effort. But oftentimes clients learn the hard way that the service from these companies does not meet expectations.

TriCon Logistics’s experience in bringing on and serving clients is much different. Without instant name recognition and the trust that comes along with it, we have to be good to gain (and keep) clients’ business. We have to be leaner, more efficient, have greater flexibility. We have to build innovative solutions that solve clients’ problems and bring lasting value. We have to deliver on our promises.  

Today’s logistics giants don’t need to have this mindset. As long as they can provide low rates and the security that comes with recognition, business will come. And when the service does not meet client expectations, business will go. The question is, with new business always ready at the gate, how important is it to these providers that each and every client be served well?

As a mid-market company, TriCon Logistics is able to build lasting partnerships with clients and ensure no one gets lost in the shuffle. Every customer is important to us. Their successes are our successes, and contributing to that success is our focus – not just meeting quotas, as is often the case with our larger competitors.

Don’t let name recognition lure you into a false sense of security. If you aren’t regularly receiving data from your provider, be sure to request Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reports and/or Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs) to ensure your agreed upon performance levels are being met. And remember: while a company’s industry footprint and level of recognition are impressive, it does not mean that the service provided will be.