There are many relationships in business: relationships between providers and customers, between managers and their employees, between colleagues. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, it can only endure and bring value if there is integrity on both sides.

People do business with people—not companies. It is the relationship that influences a decisionmaker to award their business to one service provider over another. It is confidence in the relationship and the ability to achieve results by working together that drives the customer to remain loyal to that provider. It doesn’t matter how low a provider’s cost is; if you can’t trust them, they’re not the right partner for your business.

As a service provider, not having integrity costs you. If you do not uphold your commitments, do not take the high road, and do not treat clients and partners well, word will spread like wildfire and damage your own reputation as well as your employer’s. It will lead to loss of these relationships and ultimately business.

The reason integrity is one of TriCon’s EPIC core values is because we serve, because we care, and because it is the only way to properly support our clients. We have built a team of good people who do the right things. We follow through on our commitments and hold ourselves accountable. We communicate when a deadline might get missed or when there has been an exception in the supply chain. We are transparent with any challenges and hold business reviews with clients to share our performance and iron out wrinkles in process or communication. We pay attention to industry trends and world events so we can keep clients abreast of news that could impact their business.

We understand that our work heavily impacts our customers’ businesses and the great responsibility that comes with that. Our ability to serve clients effectively relies on our team having strong relationships with vendors and agents, and there is no strong relationship without integrity. It is critical to providing the best level of service possible.

Businesses do well if they successfully and consistently deliver value to their customers, and this can only be accomplished by maintaining strong relationships with clients and partners built on integrity.